Une compilation des oeuvres d’Antonio Membrado sont disponibles
à travers 3 CD réédités en 1997. Cette compilation regroupe des oeuvres extraites des différents vinyls enregistrés entre 1960 et 1980.

Oeuvres pour guitare, Volume 1

Oeuvres pour guitare, Volume 2

  • Vivaldi, Jean-Sébastien Bach, Burkhard, Concert live New-York (Hans Neusidler, Fernando Sor, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Antonio Membrado)
  • Écoute en ligne sur le site
  • Acheter sur Alapage ou FNAC

Oeuvres pour guitare, Volume 3

2 thoughts on “Disques”

  1. Dear Mr.Antonio Membrado;

    I am searching for your Bach’s LP record for long time.
    But I can’t get your LP record till now.
    I already have your Villa-lobos’s LP record.
    I wish to obtain your Bach’s LP record by all means.
    Do you have some old record?
    If you have some record,please sell to me one.
    If you have not now, I wish to have your recording(oeuvres pour guitare Vol.3).
    Is this CD in stock now?
    If it is in stock,I wish to buy this CD.
    Please let me know the way to buy it.
    I am looking forward to your reply.

    Yours very truly,

  2. Today, we have released on line the third volume of the compilation of Membrado’s records, which includes large extracts from the Bach’s LP record.

    We still have also some LP records and some CDs available in our stock, I will contact you directly through the email address you provided on your comment (I have deleted it from your comment to prevent any spam-extraction).

    I think we will be able also to sell them online in a few weeks.

    Miguel Membrado

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