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Critique parue dans le New-York Times suite au concert du 21 mars à Alice Tully Hall.

A guitarist new to this country but by no means new to his art made an impressive debut at Alice Tully Hall on Friday and celebrated his 40th brthday in doing so. His name is Antonio Membrado.

In a program that began with pavanes by Milan and moved through works by Neusidler, Narvaez and Sor to 20th century compositions by Falla, Villa-Lobos, Rodrigo Riera and Leo Brouwer, the guitarist revelled a mastery of rythm, timing and color that gave his performance vitality and personality.

The interpretation of the works he had included were so poised and so skillfully executed that the listener felt Mr. Membrado could do almost anything well…

His most arresting performance were those of Villa-Lobos compositions, especially a prelude, a waltz and the Choro n°1. These were particularly attractive works, to be sure, but Mr Membrado enhanced their attractiveness greatly by getting directly to the expressive essence of the music and projeting it for all to enjoy.

Allen Hughes

Sunday, March 23, 1975
New-York Times

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