Antonio Membrado a également retranscrit pour la guitare quatre oeuvres majeures de Jean-Sébastien Bach. Aussi bien la transcription (à partir des manuscrits de JS Bach) que les indications guitaristiques (doigtés, …) sont absolument uniques et internationalement reconnues.

  • J.S.Bach, Suite en La, BWV 997 | di-arezzo
  • J.S.Bach, Suite en Mi mineur, BWV 996 | di-arezzo
  • J.S.Bach, Suite de Bruxelles BWV 995 | di-arezzo
  • J.S.Bach, Prélude et Fugue, BWV 999 et BWV 1000 | di-arezzo

Signalons également la parution par Florence Membrado (épouse d’Antonio Membrado), d’une méthode originale dédiée aux très jeunes enfants abordant la guitare.

New-York Times

Critique parue dans le New-York Times suite au concert du 21 mars à Alice Tully Hall.

A guitarist new to this country but by no means new to his art made an impressive debut at Alice Tully Hall on Friday and celebrated his 40th brthday in doing so. His name is Antonio Membrado.

In a program that began with pavanes by Milan and moved through works by Neusidler, Narvaez and Sor to 20th century compositions by Falla, Villa-Lobos, Rodrigo Riera and Leo Brouwer, the guitarist revelled a mastery of rythm, timing and color that gave his performance vitality and personality.

The interpretation of the works he had included were so poised and so skillfully executed that the listener felt Mr. Membrado could do almost anything well…

His most arresting performance were those of Villa-Lobos compositions, especially a prelude, a waltz and the Choro n°1. These were particularly attractive works, to be sure, but Mr Membrado enhanced their attractiveness greatly by getting directly to the expressive essence of the music and projeting it for all to enjoy.

Allen Hughes

Sunday, March 23, 1975
New-York Times

Alice Tully Hall

Texte de présentation du concert du 21 mars 1975 à New-York. Ce même jour, Antonio Membrado fêtait ses 40 ans.

When guitar virtuoso Antonio Membrado is presented by Moshe Naïm at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, on Friday evening March 21, at 8, he will be making not only his American debut but celebrating his fortieth birthday as well.

He was born in Madrid on the first day of Spring , March 21, 1935. In 1945, Membrado began to study the lute and learned to play it proficiently both solo and ensemble but it was not till three years later that his true musical career was initiated when the prominent guitarist, Manuel Hernandez, took him on as a pupil.

In 1950, he expanded his musicianship by piano study, with the composer-pianist Pedro Carre at the Madrid Conservatory, accomplishing the work of three years in one. In 1952, the Venezuelian guitarist-composer Rodrigo Riera helped him discover a new position of the right hand which transformed the sonority of the instrument.

He gave his first concerts in Madrid during that year. After studying further with R. Sainz de la Maza, he was ready to compete with any young guitarist. He won First Prize (a unanimous choice) at the Madrid Conservatory in 1956, and a month later met Segovia for the first time. The master was delighted and made him play a few concerts at the end of the Musical Academy of Siena semester.

In september 1956, Membrado won the First Medal in the International Competition of Geneva. Since then the doors of a worldwide career have been opened to him, He has won acclaim all over Europe and now the U.S.A. have a chance to enjoy him.